Summer Of Chivalry

The Hambrick Foundations Chivalry program is a FREE summer opportunity for young men between the ages of 14-18. The Hambrick Foundation seeks to use positive exposure to establish young, resilient, and emotionally stable leaders.

Summer of Chivalry is a place for your young gentleman to have fun, make friends, and learn critical lessons in manhood. Our atmosphere is fun-filled, safe, and unlike any other because it is rewarding.

The comprehensive goal is to encourage participants, through demonstrative sessions, i.e. how to tie a tie, self- respect, love of neighbor and community, etc., to become “change agents”. Each session is designed to assist each participant in gaining the necessary knowledge and skills to realize, that through self-honor and exposure to new innovative ideas, they can achieve more out of life.

There are six key components to the Chivalry Code. Any topic of discussion for young men can be firmly rooted in one of these six areas: Fair Play, Nobility, Valor, Honor, Courtesy, and Loyalty. These topics will be discussed in detail, and many others that instills what it means to be a better man and thus a more well-rounded gentleman.


Sessions are held each Saturday during the months of June and July. Also, as a celebration of accomplishments and upon completion of the program these young men are afforded the opportunity to board a charter bus, experience a five (5) course meal, be able to escort a young lady of their choosing, in order to display the components of leadership in which they have been taught during this program. All cost associated are absorbed by The Hambrick Foundation.

Annual MLK Banquet

The Hambrick Foundation works to help young people lead successful and fulfilling lives. The scholarship vision was inspired by the belief that exposure brings value to one’s life experiences. It focuses on providing a new perspective on what our youth think the path for their lives are, versus the potential of what actually could be.

Three seniors from the Rockdale County School System are awarded scholarship awards, based off their award- winning essays, as well as their community service that embodies “The Dream”. Students will be expected to focus their essays specifically on: equality and equity, a commitment to nonviolence, advocating for civil rights, pursuing equity in education for all, world-wide peace, respect for others, a dream of a better tomorrow, and the eradication of poverty.

Knowing that the world we live in, can be challenging at times, The Hambrick Foundation is honored to be able to honor our students, and continue to support the ideology of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We are assured that your organization, would not want to miss having the same opportunity to show our local community that You too are in full support as well, by you becoming a partner in making this the best Scholarship Banquet possible. We look forward to your partnership on any level, as our community unites under a common purpose.